Local art practices to connect artists and young communities in Italy

The Come2art project aims to bring local communities closer to contemporary art by enhancing a collaborative scheme between artists, cultural workers, and citizens. Thus, art becomes a tool for developing cultural strategies that achieve community-led transformation. During the project, IoDeposito organized a series of specific training courses on emotional skills, involving 5 contemporary artists in the role of trainers and 25 young people from the Soča River area as trainees. The artists involved are:

Pamela Diamante is an Italian visual artist. She has participated in several international exhibitions, including Foundation Arnaldo Pomodoro (Milan 2022) Ioseb Grishashvili Historical Museum (Tbilisi 2021), CerModern Arts Center (Ankara 2021), Kyiv History Museum (Kiev 2021), PAC (Milan 2020), Concrete space (Miami 2019), Kooshk (Tehran 2017), Centro de Desarollo, (Havana, 2015). In 2019 she won the Artists Development Program of the European Investment Bank. In Come2art she was the facilitator of the Digital Tools for Creative Expression module. She worked with the community on how to implement physical practices to amplify emotional states through sound art.

Alice Mestriner and Ahad Moslemi live and work between Italy and Iran. They study respectively in Italy at the Iuav University of Venice attending their MA in Visual Arts, in Canada at the Université du Québec in Trois-Rivières, in Turkey at Haccetepe University and in Iran. In 2016 they met in Canada and from there begins their artistic collaboration which is based on the intersection of time, language, identity, and memory. “Ippocampo” is the project they create for Come2art, a performance that came to life from the union between the present and the past of the citizens who let themselves be involved in the project. Ippocampo reveals in a tangible and ephemeral way the passage of time which constantly reshapes the identity and relational ties of society that emerge from their union.

Elena Tortia – Turin, 1987 – studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, where she currently works as a lecturer and independent artist. Herolo exhibitions include in 2020 bipersonal Exhibi. To Torino Contemporary art week, Moitre gallery; 2016 Camera Chiara, Moitre gallery (Turin); in 2015 first prize Co.Co.Co. S. Pietro in Atrio (Como); FuturoAnteriore, The Blank, Marelia gallery (Bergamo). During her site-specific intervention, she took a multifaceted approach, thinking of a language that embraced public space, contemplated it from a historical point of view, and tried not to adopt any position but only to stand in the middle to open up for discussion and knowledge.

Valentina Sciarra is a visual artist, working with sculpture and in situ intervention in public space. For Come2art she was the facilitator of the 4th training module which had to do with collaboration methods and creative practices. Together with the working group she developed research on the war memorials present in the Gorizia area. The objective was, through linguistic games (such as anagrams, caviardage, calligrams) to re-enact their meaning in the present, without erasing their historical value for the territory.