Artists and cultural workers in limbo, level up.

Fifteen artists and cultural workers in limbo, from Italy, Portugal and Greece, were trained by professionals in order to undertake active social role in strengthening community resilience.

The ‘’Workshop for training the artists and cultural workers as Come2Art trainers’’, was held in Brussels and for four days, the project’s partners were working on a curriculum which was focused on the development of life skills through arts in the context of creative placemaking. The aim of the training was to prepare the artists and cultural workers to act as a) creativity ambassadors of the co-creativity hubs created in partner countries and b) as trainers and mentors for the selected community members to whom they will deliver the training material.

For this reason, the agenda of the training included: discussion workshops among participants, to understand the common challenges faced due to COVID-19, presentation of the project’s intervention framework and training guide and most importantly the blended learning syllabus for promoting life skills at community level.

Having completed the training, the co-creativity hubs in partner countries, are now connecting the artists and cultural workers with the community members, aiming to enhance their life skills via arts and creative placemaking in the context of COVID-19. In the long term, the hubs will act as a permanent mechanism promoting collaboration among various stakeholders, such as local and regional authorities, NGOs, artists, and community groups, building momentum and harnessing the power of the arts to heighten quality of life.

The main activities taking place, nowadays, in the hubs are the delivery of the training courses to the community members, the development and implementation of mini artistic projects where the acquired life skills can put into practice and the design of the creative placemaking project which will be delivered in the upcoming period.