The COME2ART Partnership comprises 7 key players from 4 EU countries namely: ActionAid Hellas, with strong experience in community resilience building, the Faculty of Fine Arts of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Culture Action Europe, a major European network of cultural organizations, MeP, an Italian VET provider in the field of arts, Clube an active organization in creative placemaking, IoDeposito, an active CSO working with local communities in enhancing cultural well-being, and CP, a grassroot creativity platform.


ActionAid Hellas is an affiliate of ActionAid International, a non-governmental development organization that works with more than 15 million people in 45 countries. ActionAid works at local, national and international level and favours participative methods based on the Human Right Approach, according to which people locally are involved in addressing their needs and in designing and planning a better place to live in. AAH was established in Greece in 1998, where it works to increase citizen engagement, foster active citizenship, especially among youth, and promote social inclusion of vulnerable people, while providing opportunities for collective Youth @cting for climate justice: building a paradigm of online and offline engagement in the covid era / @CTJUST Page 15 of 77 action to achieve social and climate justice for all. Through its Community Centre in Athens, and its Youth Hub in Thessaloniki, AAH supports our fellow citizens who experience social and economic exclusion, and fosters volunteering culture and active citizenship among youth respectively. 1000 young people engage each year with AAH’s programmes and activities, and 40.000 students and youth participate in awareness raising campaigns related to global citizenship. Climate justice is one of the strategic priorities of ActionAid.


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) is among the best multi-thematic Universities in Southeastern Europe, and a pioneer institution, standing out among Greek and many foreign Universities on all levels. AUTH constitutes a comprehensive institution with 41 Faculties and Schools serving a vast array of scientific fields, ranging from natural and technological to social and health sciences, arts and humanities. The Faculty of Fine Arts was initially divided into the School of Visual and Applied Arts, and the School of Music Studies. Two new schools were incorporated later: the School of Drama and the School of Film Studies. The educational programmes provided by the School of Visual and Applied Arts is primarily in the form of studio art studies, supplemented by corresponding scientific, theoretical and pedagogical courses for the formation of artists with a comprehensive education and specialized artistic skills.


Culture Action Europe (CAE) is a major European network of more than 150 members representing cultural organizations, artists, activists, academics and policy-makers. Its mission is to put culture at the heart of public debate and decision-making by raising awareness about the contribution of culture to the development of sustainable and inclusive societies. It operates within a trans-European territory and beyond, both in rural and urban areas which puts it in a unique position to interact with and mediate geographical, political, economic, societal, technological, legal and environmental frontiers. CAE aims at enhancing cooperation and exchange, engagement, and dialogue between various players across arts and policy sectors.

Melting Pro (MeP) is an organisation founded by seven women with a shared vision: a more cohesive society and increased wellbeing for people through participation in culture and the arts. As a small enterprise based in Rome and operating internationally, what defines Melting Pro is a collaborative approach: the value of exchanging ideas and experiences within and outside the team is at the core of all the projects and services promoted by the company. Melting Pro’s mission is to make arts and culture play their role of change makers in our societies, enhancing the living conditions and life skills of communities by offering relevant and valuable experiences that trigger a shared sense of belonging, togetherness and awareness as citizens. To do so Melting Pro is committed to support organisations and individuals working in the cultural and creative sector, empowering them to gain more social relevance and to up-skill their professional profiles.


Clube Intercultural Europeu is a non-profit organization existing since 1998 and operating in the fields of community engagement, youth, education, training, and employability. Its activities reflect values and principles such as human rights, interculturalism or respect and appreciation of differences. Within this framework, Clube promotes active participation, empowerment and social inclusion of children, youngsters and adults in vulnerable situation, stimulating development of key competences necessary for personal fulfillment and active citizenship.

Creativity Platform is a grassroot, non-profit, collective scheme, seeking to function as an interdisciplinary platform of exchanging ideas, actions, research and appliances related to the “creative capital” and the “creative economy” in the city of Thessaloniki as well as in the general Greek area. The main goal of the Creativity Platform is to activate a creative dialogue for the city of Thessaloniki, with the aim to promote projects, activities and applications as the meeting point of creative community members, professional operators, entrepreneurial initiatives and policy makers.


The IoDeposito association was founded in 2009 in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy, with the aim to carry out activities to promote opportunities through art and culture, supporting young people from the North East Italy. Since then, the association expanded its area of focus also targeting people’s specific competencies related to visual arts projects as well as developing training and research in the fields of cultural management, art, and curatorial practices. Community’s cultural well-being and skills development, with a particular disposition towards the fields of visual arts and training in the professions of cultural management and art have been the association’s most recent focus.